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August 2023 Nonprofit Member Spotlight

Communities in Schools of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Communities In Schools of Palm Beach County, Inc. has served more than 400,000 students, giving them additional resources and support to help them succeed in school.

The nonprofit is now working to get students prepared for the coming school year.

We asked the agency’s directors to explain their mission, and tell us how Nonprofits First has helped them boost their organizational structure and their work in the community.

Tell us about your mission and cause:

Communities In Schools of Palm Beach County, Inc. surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. We have been in the community for over 35 years, serving over 400,00 students.

This year, the Palm Beach County School district has tasked us to increase the number of schools we serve and engage the thousands of students experiencing homelessness in Middle and High School. Now more than ever, we are being called on to reimagine public education and find new pathways for learning. We amplify the power of each student's potential by connecting them to caring adults and community resources designed to help them succeed. We are by their side every day, supporting them in ways that go beyond the classroom.

By implementing the Communities In Schools (CIS) evidence-based model of Integrated Student Supports, our Academic and Graduation Coaches bring resources and support directly inside the school to ensure every student has what they need to succeed. Our model breaks down barriers that can prevent students from unlocking their fullest potential. We connect our students to resources and opportunities to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. We do “whatever it takes” to eliminate barriers to student success, such as food insecurity, chronic absenteeism, and more, to ensure every student has an opportunity to achieve in life. We work directly inside Palm Beach County schools to make a difference in our community's local students' lives.

How can the community get involved in helping you achieve your mission?

Right here in Palm Beach County, our staff is preparing to welcome students to a new year of learning. The first weeks of school are critical to a successful school year: students who miss early days are more likely to become chronically absent and struggle in their classrooms. We must be ready: to bring resources and support directly inside the school to ensure every student has what they need to make this school year their best. We break down the barriers that prevent students from accessing the resources and opportunities that help unlock their fullest potential. We are so excited to have students back in school to see what the incredible youth in our community can accomplish this year. Communities In Schools of Palm Beach County is ready to go all in to ensure students have what they need to succeed in life. We count on neighbors and community members to donate to support our work in Palm Beach County.

We can give students no more extraordinary gift than the support, love, and encouragement they need to believe in themselves. The community can be those caring adults that help Palm Beach County Students overcome the challenges of poverty, homelessness, and lack of resources. The community’s trust and partnership make our work possible.

Here are three ways to help:

  1. Please purchase items on our Amazon “Wish List”
  2. Click the donate now
  3. Become a Communities In School Supporting Member


How has membership in Nonprofits First benefited your organization?

Being a member of Nonprofits First benefits our organization by showcasing our mission and providing us credibility within the community. Nonprofits First simultaneously encourages constant communication and collaboration on what matters most in Palm Beach County. We benefit by being socially recognized for the positive efforts made by our work in the community. Nonprofits First helps to build stronger relationships, as well as boosts organizational success through training.

Tell us what being Accredited through Nonprofits First has meant for Communities in Schools.

Possessing accredited status means the community can expect Communities In Schools of Palm Beach to live up to its promises. It means that the community can have confidence that our credentials have value. Accreditation also signals that the community can believe in the worth of our programming. It also gives us a chance to take a good look at our program and operations to ensure we are accomplishing our mission. We are also accredited through our National Office. We appreciate accreditation!

Learn more about Communities In Schools of Palm Beach County, Inc. here:

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